Boreal Chickadee
Poecile hudsonicus

f7.1 @ 1/2000s, ISO:800, Nikon D3S w 500mm

"Boreal Chickadee," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The boreal chickadee is a small passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. It is found in the boreal forests of Canada and the northern United States.Adults are 12.514.5 cm (4.95.7 in) long with a weight of 712.4 g (.24-.34 oz). They have grey-brown upperparts with a brown cap and greyish wings and tail; their face is mainly grey with white on the sides. Their underparts are white with brown on the flanks and a black throat. They have a short dark bill, short wings and a long notched tail.
Anchor Point, Alaska