American Robin Chick
Turdus migratorius

f25 @ 1/60s, ISO:1250, Nikon D80 w 17-55mm @ 28mm, fill flash

"American Robin," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The American robin begins to breed shortly after returning to its summer range. It is one of the first North American bird species to lay eggs, and normally has two to three broods per breeding season, which lasts from April to July.A clutch consists of three to five light blue eggs, and is incubated by the female alone. The eggs hatch after 14 days, and the chicks leave the nest a further two weeks later. The altricial chicks are naked and have their eyes closed for the first few days after hatching. While the chicks are still young, the mother broods them continuously. When they are older, the mother will brood them only at night or during bad weather.
Pocasset, Massachusetts