Common Murre
Uria aalge

f8 @ 1/1600s, ISO:1600, Nikon D3S w 500mm

"Common Murre," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The common murre is 3846 cm (1518 in) in length with a 6173 cm (2429 in) wingspan. Male and female are indistinguishable in the field and weight ranges between 945 g (2.083 lb) in the south of their range to 1,044 g (2.302 lb) in the north. A weight range of 7751,250 g (1.7092.756 lb) has been reported.[8] In breeding plumage, the nominate subspecies (U. a. aalge) is black on the head, back and wings, and has white underparts. It has thin dark pointed bill and a small rounded dark tail. After the pre-basic moult, the face is white with a dark spur behind the eye. Birds of the subspecies U. a. albionis are dark brown rather than black, most obviously so in colonies in southern Britain. Legs are grey and the bill is dark grey. Occasionally, adults are seen with yellow/grey legs.
Homer, Alaska