Cuban Bullfinch
Melopyrrha nigra

f5.6 @ 1/2000s, ISO:1600, Nikon D3S w 500mm

"Cuban Bullfinch," The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Neotropical Birds. Despite its English name, the Cuban Bullfinch is not a strict Cuban endemic, as it also is found on the island of Grand Cayman, with only one known record from Little Cayman.On Grand Cayman the "Black Sparrow", as it is locally known, is common. Cuban Bullfinch prefers tropical dry forest and thickets, scrubby vegetation and forested areas, and is more common at sea level and up to 300 m. This is a small, round winged finch with a short, thick and strong curved bill with a convex culmen. Males are largely black with a heavy bill and a white wing patch, obvious both at rest and in flight.
Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, Grand Cayman, British west indies, Caribbean