Eastern Screech Owl in backyard nesting box
Megascops asio

1/60 s @ f5.6, ISO:250, Nikon D80 w 300mm

"Eastern Screech Owl," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Eastern Screech Owl (Megascops asio) is a small owl that is relatively common in Eastern North America, from Mexico to Canada. Adults range from 16 to 25 cm (6.310 in) in length and weigh 121-244 grams (4.3-8.6 oz).The wingspan can range from 46 to 61 cm (18 to 24 in). They have either rusty or dark gray intricately patterned plumage with streaking on the underparts. Mid-sized by screech-owl standards, these birds are stocky, short-tailed and broad-winged. They have a large round head with prominent ear tufts, yellow eyes and a yellowish bill. Rusty birds are more common in the southern parts of the range; pairings of the two color variants do occur. A pale gray variation also exists in western Canada and the north-central United States. The color variations are referred to as "red morph" and "gray morph" by bird watchers and ornithologists.
Waquoit, Massachusetts