Eurasian Collared Dove
Streptopelia decaocto

f14 @ 1/1000s, ISO:1600, Nikon D3S w 500mm and 1.7X teleconverter

"Eurasian Collared Dove," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Eurasian collared dove, most often simply called the collared dove, also sometimes hyphenated as Eurasian collared-dove, is a species of dove native to warm temperate and subtropical Asia, and introduced in North America in 1980s.It is a medium-sized dove, distinctly smaller than the wood pigeon, similar in length to a rock pigeon but slimmer and longer-tailed, and slightly larger than the related turtle dove, with an average length of 32 cm (13 in from tip of beak to tip of tail, with a wingspan of 4755 cm (1922 in), and a weight of 125240 g (4.48.5 oz). It is grey-buff to pinkish-grey overall, a little darker above than below, with a blue-grey under wing patch. The tail feathers are grey-buff above, and dark grey tipped white below; the outer tail feathers also tipped whitish above. It has a black half-collar edged with white on its nape from which it gets its name.
Naples, Florida