American White Pelican
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos

f10 @ 1/800s, ISO:1000, Nikon D3S w 500mm and 1.7X tele-extender

"American White Pelican," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The American white pelican is a large aquatic soaring bird from the order Pelecaniformes. It breeds in interior North America, moving south and to the coasts, as far as Central America and South America, in winter.The American white pelican rivals the Trumpeter Swan as the longest bird native to North America. Both very large and plump, it has an overall length is about 5070 in (130180 cm), courtesy of the huge beak which measures 11.315.2 in (290390 mm) in males and 10.314.2 in (260360 mm) in females. It has a wingspan of about 95120 in (240300 cm).[3] The species also has the second largest average wingspan of any North American bird, after the California Condor.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming