Daisy Fleabane
Erigeron annuus

f11 @ 1/160s, ISO:1000, Nikon D3S w 60mm micro

"Erigeron annuus," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Erigeron annuus (annual fleabane, daisy fleabane, or eastern daisy fleabane) is a North American species of plants in the daisy family.Erigeron annuus is a herbaceous plant with alternate, simple leaves, and green, sparsely haired stems. Leaves are numerous and large relative to other species of Erigeron, with lower leaves, especially basal leaves, coarsely toothed or cleft, a characteristic readily distinguishing this species from most other Erigeron. Upper leaves are sometimes, not always toothed, but may have a few coarse teeth towards the outer tips. The flower heads are white with yellow centers, with the white rays sometimes tending to a pale lavender, borne spring through fall. Ray florets number 40-100. Erigeron annuus is native to North America, and is found in 43 of the contiguous 48 states. It is widespread in many of them, especially in the eastern part of its range, but only occurs in scattered locations in the West and Southernmost parts of its range.
East Falmouth, Massachusetts