Great Memnon (Captive Bred)
Papilio memnon

f5.6 @ 1/60s, ISO:100, Nikon D80 w 17-55mm @ 55mm

"Papilio memnon," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Papilio memnon, the great Mormon, is a large butterfly native to southern Asia that belongs to the swallowtail family. It is widely distributed and has thirteen subspecies. The female is polymorphic and with mimetic forms. The butterfly is large with a 120 to 150 millimetres (4.7 to 5.9 in) span. It has four male and many female forms, the females being highly polymorphic and many of them being mimics of unpalatable butterflies. This species has been studied extensively for understanding the genetic basis for polymorphy and Batesian mimicry. As many as twenty-six female forms are reported. Male. Tailless, above deep blue to black. It may or may not have red streak on the forewing at the base of the cell.
Grand Cayman Butterfly Farm, Grand Cayman, Caribbean