Eurasian Brown Bear with Cubs
Ursus arctos arctos

f7.1 @ 1/400s, ISO:1000, Nikon D300 w 300mm

"Eurasian Brown Bear," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Brown bears could once be found across most of northern Eurasia. The brown bear has long been extinct in Britain and Ireland, but it still exists in Northern Europe and in Russia. There is a tiny population in the Pyrenees, on the border between Spain and France, which is on the edge of extinction, as well as an equally threatened group in the Cantabrian Mountains in Spain. There are also populations in the Abruzzi and Trentino regions of Italy.Populations in Baltoscandia are steadily and slowly increasing they include over 2000 bears in Sweden, another 1200 in Finland, 700 in Estonia and around 70 in Norway.
Suomussalmi, Finland