Geoffrey's Tamarin Monkey
Saguinus geoffroyi

f6.7 @ 1/200s, ISO:2500, Nikon D3S w 500mm and 1.7X teleconverter

"Geoffrey's Tamarin Monkey," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In common with other callitrichides (tamarins and marmosets), Geoffroy's tamarin is a small monkey. With a length of between 225 and 240 millimetres (8.9 and 9.4 in), excluding the tail, it is the smallest Central American monkey. The tail length is between 314 and 386 millimetres (12.4 and 15.2 in). Males have an average weight of 486 grams (17.1 oz), and females are slightly larger on average, with an average weight of 507 grams (17.9 oz). The fur on its back is variegated black and yellow, with pale legs, feet and chest. Its face is nearly bare, but the head has reddish fur with a triangle-shaped patch in the front of the head. The tail is chestnut-red and has a black tip.
Canopy Camp, Darien Province, Panama