Mutton Snapper at night
Lutjanus analis

f11 @ 1/60s, ASA 64, Ektachrome 64 film, Nikonos II w 15mm, Oceanic flash and Ikelite slave flash

"Mutton Snapper," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mutton snapper is a species of snapper native to the Atlantic coastal waters of the Americas from Massachusetts to southern Brazil, including the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. They are particularly common in the Caribbean. They inhabit reef environments, with adults found in areas with rock or coral, while juveniles occur in sandy habitats with plentiful weed growth. They can be found at depths of from 25 to 90 m (82 to 295 ft), though most often between 40 and 70 m (130 and 230 ft). They have olive-tinted backs and red sides with a black spot between the lateral line and the dorsal fin and blue stripes on the head. This species can reach a length of 94 cm (37 in), though most do not exceed 50 cm (20 in). The greatest known weight recorded for this species is 15.6 kg (34 lb). This is a commercially important species and is also sought-after as a game fish. It can also be found in the aquarium trade.
Grand Cayman, Caribbean