Orange Ball Corallimorph
Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum

f22 @ 1/60s, SAS:25, Kodachrome 25 slide film, Nikonos II w 35mm and 1:2 extension tube, Oceanic flash and aluminum flash reflector

"Orange Ball Corallimorph," Reef Creature Identification, Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas. Paul Humann and Ned Deloach. Because of their visual resemblance to anemones, this species is often called the "orange ball anemone," which is a misnomer. Inhabits reefs or sandy areas near reefs. Nocturnal, solitary polyps extend from recesses or sand. If disturbed or lighted, will retract. Occasional to uncommon Bahamas and Caribbean.
Salt River Canyon, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands