Japanese Macaque
Macaca fuscata

f7.1 @ 1/500s, ISO:800, Nikon D300S w 80-200mm @ 92mm

"Japanese Macaque," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A macaque mother moves to the periphery of her troop to give birth in a secluded spot, unless the group is moving, when the female will have to stay with it. Macaques usually give birth on the ground. Infants are born with dark-brown hair. They will consume their first solid food at five to six weeks old, and can forage independently from their mothers by seven weeks. A mother carries her infant on her belly for its first four weeks. After this time, the mother will carry her infant on her back, as well. Infants continue to be carried up to and past a year. A mother and her infant tend to avoid other troop members, and the mother may socialize again very slowly.
Nagano, Japan