f25 @ 1/320s, ISO:1250, Nikon D3S w 60mm micro

"Ornithogalum," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ornithogalum is a genus of perennial plants mostly native to southern Europe and southern Africa belonging to the family Asparagaceae. There are some species native to other areas such as the Caucasus. Growing from a bulb, species have linear basal leaves and a slender stalk, up to 30 cm or more tall, bearing clusters of typically white star-shaped flowers, often striped with green.[citation needed] The common name of the genus, Star-of-Bethlehem, is based on its star-shaped flowers, after the Star of Bethlehem that appeared in the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus. The number of species has varied considerably, depending on authority, anywhere from 50 to 300.
Mass Audubon's Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary, East Falmouth, Massachusetts