Tailed Jay Butterfly (captive bred)
Graphium agamemnon

f20 @ 1/60s, ISO:100, Nikon D80 w 55mm

"Graphium agamemnon," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The tailed jay is a predominantly green and black tropical butterfly that belongs to the swallowtail family. The butterfly is also called green-spotted triangle, tailed green jay, or the green triangle. It is a common, nonthreatened species native to India, Sri Lanka through Southeast Asia and Australia. Several geographic races are recognized.Male upperside black. Forewing with the following green markings: a spot at the extreme base of the costal margin, a transverse short bar near base of cell and seven spots beyond, two and two except the apical spot which is single ; two spots beyond apex of cell; a spot at base of interspaces 1a and 1, followed by two oblique short macular bands; a discal series of spots decreasing in size towards the costa, and a postdiscal series of smaller spots that begins with two in interspace 1; the spots in interspace 7 in both series are out of line, placed outwards. Hind wing: three series of similarly-coloured markings that ran transversely across the wing more or less parallel to the dorsal margin, the upper markings (those in interspace 7) white; a short greenish stripe at the extreme base of the wing.
Grand Cayman Butterfly Farm, Grand Cayman