Aeolidia Nudibranch
Aeolidia papillosa

1/60 s @ f22, ASA 25, Kodachrome 25, Nikonos II w 35 mm lens and 1:2 extension tube, Oceanic 2000 flash with aluminum flash reflector

"Aeolidia papillosa," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aeolidia papillosa is a species of sea slug, an aeolid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Aeolidiidae. A. papillosa has many common names including the shaggy mouse nudibranch or the shag rug nudibranch, in part due to its shape and its numerous flattened cerata that make it look rather like a bedraggled mouse or like a shag rug. This nudibranch species lives on the Atlantic coast of The British Isles and Northern Europe, the Atlantic coast of North America, and the Pacific Coast of North America. It also appears to occur on the west and east coast of South America.
Narragansett Bay, Narragansett, Rhode Island