Blue Shark
Prionace glauca

f8 @ 1/60s, Ektachrome 200 slide film, ASA 200, Nikon FE w 28mm, OceanEye housing, Oceanic flash, Ikelite slave flash

"Blue Shark," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The blue shark (Prionace glauca).Blue sharks are light-bodied with long pectoral fins. The top of the body is deep blue, lighter on the sides, and the underside is white. It grows to 3.8 meters (12.5 ft) long and can weigh up to 204 kilograms (450 lb). The heaviest reported weight was 391 kilograms (860 lb).As of 2009 there have been 13 attacks on humans and 4 fatalities.
Offshore New England