Bridled Burrfish (post-larval)
Chilomycterus antennatus

f22 @ 1/60s, ASA 25, Kodachrome 25 film, Nikonos II w 35mm and 1:2 extension tube, Oceanic flash w aluminum flash reflector

"Chilomycterus antennatus (Bridled burrfish)," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chilomycterus antennatus (Bridled burrfish) is a species of fish belonging to the Diodontidae family. It is native to the tropical waters of the Western Atlantic from southeastern Florida and the Bahamas to northern South America. They are also found in the Eastern Atlantic off the cost of Mauritania.The post-larval is rare in Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean. The post-larval typically drifts in open ocean or sargassum floats.
Salt River Canyon, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands