Ox-eye Daisy
Leucanthemum vulgare

f6.3 @ 1/4000s, ISO:1250, Nikon D3S w 60mm micro

"Leucanthemum vulgare," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Leucanthemum vulgare, the ox-eye daisy or oxeye daisy, is a widespread flowering plant native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia and an introduced plant to North America, Australia and New Zealand. It is one of a number of family Asteraceae plants to be called a "daisy", and has the vernacular names common daisy, dog daisy, moon daisy and ox-eye daisy. L. vulgare is a typical grassland perennial wildflower, growing in a variety of plant communities including meadows and fields, under scrub and open-canopy forests, and in disturbed areas.
Mass Audubon's Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary, East Falmouth, Massachusetts