Blue Shark and Diver
Prionace glauca

f5.6 @ 1/60s, Ektachrome 200 slide film, ASA 200, Nikon FE w 28mm, OceanEye housing, Oceanic flash

"Blue Shark," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The blue shark (Prionace glauca) is a species of requiem shark, family Carcharhinidae, that inhabits deep waters in the world's temperate and tropical oceans. The blue shark is an oceanic and epipelagic shark found worldwide in deep temperate and tropical waters from the surface to about 350 meters. In temperate seas it may approach shore where it can be observed by divers, while in tropical waters it inhabits greater depths. It lives as far north as Norway and as far south as Chile. Blue sharks are found off the coasts of every continent, except Antarctica.
Offshore New England