Longfin Squid Feeding
Loligo pealeii

1/60s @ f16, ASA 64, Kodachrome 64, Nikonos II w 28 mm lens and close up lens attachment.

Longfin Squid, Loligo pealeii. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Longfin Squid is a species of squid of the family Loliginidae. The Longfin squid is found in the North Atlantic, schooling in continental shelf and slope waters from Newfoundland to the Gulf of Venezuela. It is commercially exploited, especially in the range from the Southern Georges Bank to Cape Hatteras. The Longfin squid spawns year-round and lives for less than one year. Individuals hatched in summer generally grow more rapidly than those hatched in winter due to the warmer temperature of the water. The species presents sexual dimorphism, with most males growing faster and reaching larger sizes than females. The dorsal-mantle length of some males can reach 50 cm, although most squids commercially harvested are smaller than 30 cm long.
Narragansett Bay, Narragansett, Rhode Island