Sea Strawberry
Gersemia rubiformis

f16 @ 1/60s, Nikonos II w 28mm and Nikon close up kit, Oceanic flash, Ikelite slave flash

"Gersemia rubiformis," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gersemia rubiformis, commonly known as the sea strawberry, is a species of soft coral in the family Nephtheidae. It is found in the northwest Atlantic and the northeast Pacific Oceans.Gersemia rubiformis is a colonial coral that grows in the form of knobbly clumps. The colonies are erect and branch from one main stalk. The polyps are concentrated near the ends of the narrower terminal branches and are non-retractile in their calyces. The branches are not rigid but are stiffened by the presence of sclerites, and can sway gently in the current. The sclerites are red, some being irregular and shaped like miniature capstans. Gersemia rubiformis does not contain the symbiotic alga zooxanthella. Gersemia rubiformis is found in polar to temperate regions of the Arctic Ocean and the north west Atlantic Ocean from the coasts of Canada south to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.
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