Common Daisy
Bellis perennis

f6.3 @ 1/4000s, ISO:1250, Nikon D3S w 60mm macro

"Bellis perennis," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bellis perennis is a common European species of daisy, of the Asteraceae family, often considered the archetypal species of that name. Bellis perennis is native to western, central and northern Europe, but widely naturalized in most temperate regions including the Americas and Australasia. It is an herbaceous perennial plant with short creeping rhizomes and rosettes of small rounded or spoon-shaped leaves that are from 3/4 to 2 inches (approx. 25 cm) long and grow flat to the ground. The species habitually colonises lawns, and is difficult to eradicate by mowing - hence the term 'lawn daisy'. Wherever it appears it is often considered an invasive weed.[
Mass Audubon's Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary, East Falmouth, Massachusetts