Clouded Sulphur
Colias philodice

f20 @ 1/800s, ISO:1250, Nikon D3S w 105mm macro

"Colias philodice," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Colias philodice, the common sulphur or clouded sulphur, is a North American butterfly in the family Pieridae, subfamily Coliadinae. This species is a typical member of the genus. Both genders typically have pale yellow wings above with no traces of orange, unlike its close cousin the orange sulphur which may also be yellowish. Males have clean borders, while females have yellow dots within this region. Females sometimes exhibit a white form known as alba. The underside of the male's wings is yellow while the female's is yellow or greenish white, and both have a doubled hindwing spot trimmed in brownish red. The hindwings show a series of four small red spots along the outer third portion, a trait that distinguishes the other North America species such as Colias interior, with exception of the orange sulphur which also shows them. Its wingspan is 32 to 54 mm.[
Francis A. Crane Wildlife Management Area, East Falmouth, Massachusetts