Black-breasted Puffbird
Notharchus pectoralis

f4.5 @ 1/3200s, ISO:2000, Nikon D3S w 500mm

"Black-breasted Puffbird," Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The black-breasted puffbird is a species of bird in the family Bucconidae, the puffbirds, nunlets, and nunbirds. It is found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Panama. The black-breasted puffbird is 19 to 23 cm (7.5 to 9.1 in) long and weighs between 60 and 69 g (2.1 and 2.4 oz). The plumage is mostly glossy blue-black, with a white collar, cheeks, throat, and belly, a blue-black breast band, and a black tail with white tips on the feathers. The closed wing and rump show narrow white scallops. The flanks are dark gray with buffy marks. The heavy bill is black, as are the feet, and the iris of the eye is dark brown or red. The two sexes are the same, and the plumage of juvenile birds has not been described.
Reserva Natural San Cipriano, San Cipriano, Colombia